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If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity simply click on the button above to get the application form. 


Hello Everyone,

We wanted to let you know about a new opportunity for members of the SWA family.
We have been given a chance to display work at the newly remodeled Spring Hill Marriott Suites
at 164th street here in Vancouver.

We will be looking for two artists for every two-month interval for this display.  One area is in the front lobby across from the front desk.  One very large painting or two medium size paintings will be displayed in that area.  The other area will accommodate approximately 4-6 paintings.  One artist will display in the front and the other will display smaller pieces in the other area.  The paintings must be for sale and only current members of SWA are eligible to submit applications. 

The Marriott will be using this opportunity for two reasons.  It will provide a nice display for them and promote the local artists in Clark County but also give them a chance to earn a little money to use to promote a charity of their choice that will promote arts in our area such as school programs.  They are working on choosing these charities now and they may change throughout the year based on the needs of the charities chosen.  The Marriott will take a 10% commission to accomplish this goal, but will accept payment from the buyer through their credit card system and reimburse SWA by check in a timely manner.  SWA will then remit a check to the artist.  Of course taxes will also be taken at the time of purchase.  SWA will also take a 10% commission so the total charge to the artist if a sale is made is 20% plus taxes.  The artist will need to keep that in mind when pricing their work for display.

Because of the unique criteria that this venue requires we will be using a jury process to decide which artists will be chosen to display together.  We will need you to submit your application with copies of the work that you would like to display as well as frame sizes and price. You can get instructions and an application from either of the venue coordinators.  This will only apply to the Marriott venue at this time and the other opportunities such as the Hall Building will continue as before.

This venue has been up and running for a few months and we are getting good feedback.  We are  hoping to get good participation for this beautiful space.  This is a good opportunity to continue our mission statement: “The purpose of the Society of Washington Artists is to further the interests of fine visual arts in the community.”

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Earlene (
Venue Coordinators