Society of Washington Artists

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Our History

The Society of Washington Artists began in 1962. At that time, there were a few groups in Vancouver, such as the Fine Arts Guild, which held luncheons and invited artists to speak, but there was little local encouragement for artists to gather together regularly to learn and share ideas about art and its many facets. In 1962, Doris Clark and a group of friends founded the SWA. Meetings were originally held in each other’s homes. Recognizing the need to expand the group, they put together a set of bylaws and the Society of Washington Artists was born. The group registered as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Washington in 1976.

In the intervening time the group has grown in number, prestige and value to the community. Over the past 20 years our membership and focus have fluctuated from time to time. We continue, however, to keep the goals of our mission and the vision of the talented and dedicated artists that came before us.