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"Fragrant Flautist" by Hilarie Couture


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The Spring 2015 Art Show

The 53rd Annual SWA Spring Art Show  was held May 14-17 at the 
Harley H. Hall Building, 10000 NE 7th Ave in Hazel Dell.  
64 artists entered a total of 144 artworks in 7 categories.    See Prospectus .

The show was judged by award winning, fine art painter Eric Bowman. To see examples of his work and learn more about Eric Bowman visit his website at: http://ericbowman.com.
Eric selected 33 award winners from a total of 144 entries which were submitted by 64 artists. The awards totaled $1300 which included 6 categories. Best in Show received $150. First place winners received $100, second place winners $50 and $25 went to third place winners. Awards were presented at the reception on Saturday, May 16th. Visitors attending the Art Show, Thursday through Saturday voted on the People's Choice award and that winner received $50. Music for the  reception was provided by solo violinist Brittney Brown.   

  Best of Show

        Joann Radmilovich Kollman         "The Red Hat"

Best of Show        "The Red Hat"          Oil by Joann Radmilovich Kollman

Category 1             Oil and Acrylic
1st Hilarie Couture  "Dominique Has Coffee"
2nd Walter Sanders "NW Mountain Creek"
3rd John Turley "Signs of the Times"
Honorable Mention
Marilyn Salter  "Beyond the Thorns"
  Craig Newland "Wrapped Up"   

1st                Hilarie Couture  

3rd               John Turley

   2nd             Walter Sanders

HM                  Marilyn Salter

HM   Craig Newland

Category 2              Water Media Under Glass
1st Barbara Van Nostern  "Church in Verona"
  2nd Judith Howard   "Hats for Sale"
  3rd Jo Lolita Purviance "Hawaiian Garden
Honorable Mention
  Sue Tellock  "Bird Song"
  Mary Jane Larson  "Visual Poetry"

                                    1st     Barbara Van Nostern                                                      2nd     Judith Howard

3rd          Jo Lolita Purviance

HM                 Sue Tellock

  HM          Mary Jane Larson

Category 3    Color Entries (pastel, colored pencil, crayon)
  1st Julie Olsen "Barn Horse"
  2nd Julie Olsen  "Tiger"
  3rd Joyce Fry "Among Giants"

Honorable Mention 
  Phyllis Corwin "Betty Davis Eyes"
  Earlene Holmstrom  "Philippine III

1st                      Julie Olsen

3rd        Joyce Fry

HM        Earlene Holmstrom

2nd                  Julie Olsen

HM               Phyllis Corwin

Category 4    Black and White(Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Graphite...)

1st  Barbara A.W.Wright  "Zebra Swirl"
2nd Carol Craighead "Lady in a Hat"
3rd Susan Kipp "Collective"

1st                 Barbara A.W. Wright

2nd        Carol Craighead

3rd             Susan Kipp

Category 5 Mixed Media (collage, encaustic, digitally painted)

1st Sharon Dambrosio  "All The Time In The World"
2nd Larry Moore  "Blue Enrapture"
3rd  Carol Craighead  "Owl-O-Wish-Us" 

Honorable Mention
  Diana Springer "Origami Quilt"
  Katey Sandy "Contemplative Abstract"  

1st              Sharon Dambrosia

3rd        Carol Craighead

HM                Diane Springer

2nd           Larry Moore

HM       Katy Sandy
Category 6  3D Work (small sculpture, woodwork, glass)
1st Jo Lolita Purviance "Feng Shui II"
2nd Carole Morris "Fall Leaves"
3rd Janet Ellis "Thinking of Summer" 

Honorable Mention 
  Diane Springer "Poppies On Carved Gourd"
  Megan Sedita "2-Headed Crow"

  1st               Jo Lolita Purviance

3rd               Janet Ellis

HM           2-Headed Crow

2nd                Carole Morris

HM         Poppies On Carved Gourd

Category 7   Members Only Spring Theme

1st Ruth Schmit "Spring In The High Country"  
2nd   Ann Amies   "Flowers In Spring"  
3rd   Elaine Pawski   "I-5 Rain"

Honorable Mention
  Wanda Brewster "Awakening"
Sandy Ploetz   "Spring Projects"

1st                                  Ruth Schmit                                                               2nd                         Ann Amies

     3rd                                                                                 Elaine Pawski

HM                                             Wanda Brewster                               HM                                              Sandy Ploetz

People's Choice
Robert Hope's painting "Let It Be" won the "People's Choice Award" based on votes cast by show visitors.

Sponsor Awards

The following Sponsor Awards were also presented:
Arts Desire   to Lynda Raven Brake for    "The Crystal Bowl"
Arktana   to Carol Lytle for   "Time Outdoors With Uncle"
Grocery Outlet   to Ann Radley for    "Innocent Love"
Hilaire Couture    to Carol Lytle for    "Milford Sound"

SWA would like to thank the following individuals, organizations and businesses for sponsoring awards, donating materials for the raffle, assisting with show operating costs, and providing space for the show:

ADG Printing
Arts Desire
Grocery Outlet
H.H.Hall Building Management
Hilarie Couture
H.K. Holbein, Inc.
Jack Richeson & Co.
Loew Cornell
Logan Graphic Products
Royal Brush Mfg. Co.
Salis International Inc.
Web Picture Frames.com

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