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The Spring 2014 Art Show

collage of 2014

The 52nd Annual SWA Spring Art Show  was held May 15-18 at the Harley H. Hall Building, 10000 NE 7th Ave in Hazel Dell.  86 artists entered a total of 206 artworks in 6 categories.    See Prospectus .

The show was judged by Ridgefield, Washington artist, Robert Bickel.  Examples of his work can be seen on his website   http://www.bickelart.com.  Robert selected 25 award winners and presented $1250 in awards at the Reception Saturday, May 17th.  There were also 13 awards (worth a total of $575) selected by sponsors and presented at the Reception.  Show visitors Thursday through Saturday voted on People's Choice award.  3 artworks were sold during the show.

Music for the  Reception was provided by solo violinist Britney Brown  


Best of Show
         Hilarie Couture        "Fragrant Flautist"

painting of flautist with flowers
Best of Show                     "Fragrant Flautist"                           Oil by Hilarie Couture

Oil and Acrylic
1st     Meredith Lewis                    "Say My Name"
2nd    Lesley Faulds                      "Shades"
3rd     Hilarie Couture                    "Lady with Lace and Roses"
Honorable Mention
          Bud Fields                           "The Aspen Grove"

oil painting
1st                Meredith Lewis  

painting of woman
3rd                   Hilarie Couture

painting of man
   2nd             Lesley Faulds

painting of trees
HM                   Bud Fields

Watercolor and Acrylic Under Glass
1st     Marilyn Salter                      "Fragrance of Hawaii"
2nd    Marilyn Salter                      "On the Way to the Flower Market"
3rd     Sharon Lee-Faris                "Color Under the Sea"
Honorable Mention
          Sharon Dambrosio              "Adding Up"

painting of flowers
1st                 Marilyn Salter

watercolor painting of turtle
3rd          Sharon Lee-Faris

watercolor painting
2nd                 Marilyn Salter

painting of adding machine
  HM          Sharon Dambrosio

1st     Julie Olsen                    "Spirit"
2nd    Julie Olsen                    "Mountain Ghost"
3rd     Earlene Holmstrom       "A Day at the Beach"
Honorable Mention 
          Jody Lacy                     "Spring Is Here"

pastel of horse
1st                      Julie Olsen

pastel of person
3rd        Earlene Holmstrom

pastel of cat
2nd                  Julie Olsen

pastel of flower
HM               Jody Lacy

Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink, Charcoal, Graphite, Crayon
1st    C. J. Worlein                "The Sisters"
2nd   C. J. Worlein                "Unconditional"
3rd    Diana Thewlis             "Mood Swings"
Honorable Mention
          Susan Kipp                "Angel"

drawing of sisters
1st                                        C.J.Worlein

drawing of woman and child
2nd                   C.J.Worlein

HM             Susan Kipp

drawing of faces
3rd             Diana Thewlis

Mixed Media, Collage, Encaustics, Digitally Painted/Altered Photos
1st      Annamarie Clement        "Margaret J"
2nd     Robert Hope                   "Mother-In-Law"
3rd      Janette Kiwi Kiyasu        "Nostalgia Blues"
Honorable Mention 
          Sunny LeGrand
             "A Different Perspective" 

mixed media
1st     Annamarie Clement
mixed media
3rd        Janette Kiwi Kiyasu

mixed media
2nd           Robert Hope

digitally altered photo
HM        Sunny LeGrand

3D - Sculpture
1st      Kendall Madden         "Emerging"
2nd     Isaac D Smith            "Geometric Room Divider"
3rd      Isaac D Smith            "Happy"
Honorable Mention 
           Hilarie Couture          "Peacock of Paradise"

  1st                 Kendall Madden

3D - glass
3rd               Isaac Smith
3D -wood &- glass
2nd                 Isaac Smith

HM          Hilarie Couture

People's Choice

C.J. Worlein's painting "The Sisters"  (1st in Colored Pencil) won the "People's Choice Award" based on votes cast by show visitors.

Sponsor Awards

The following Sponsor Awards were also presented:
Arts Desire  --  Annie Knight, "Spring Blossom"
Cascade 8 Holdings, LLC  -- Julie Olsen, "Spirit"
Chelatchie Prairie Railroad -- Ramona Kmetz-Lauzon, "Old Radio Shows"
DuckTales Kitchen -- Barbara AW Wright, "Ducking the Rain"
Harvest -- Jeanette French, "Heron at Spring Creek"     
Java House -- Bob Christman, "A 'Smart' Tribute to Andy Warhol"
Kevin Weaver, Art on the Blvd -- Annamarie Clement, "Menage a Poire"
McThreads Wearable Art Boutique -- Susan Moore, "The Coat"
Niche Wine and Art -- Lee Burgess, "Three Friends"
Northweat Oil Painters Guild -- Hilarie Couture, "Fragrant Flautist"
Rand Jewelry -- Mikiko Flynn, "Sansui Gourd"
Roby Gayle,  Coldwell Banker Seal -- Lynda Raven Brake, "Protection at
                                                                                    Gallup Ceremonials"

Woody's Tacos --- Anna Mongrain, "Mother Nature's Explosion"

SWA would like to thank the following individuals, organizations and businesses for sponsoring awards, donating materials for the raffle, assisting with show operating costs, and providing space for the show:

ADG Printing

Arts Desire
Cascade 8 Holding, LLC

 Creative Catalyst
Chelatchie Prairie Railroad  
Daler Rowney
DuckTales Kitchen
Harley H. Hall Building Management
H.K. Holbein, Inc.
Java House
Jack Richeson & Co.
Kevin Weaver, Art on the Boulevard
Loew Cornell
McThreads Wearable Art Boutique
Niche Wine and Art
NW Oil Painters Guild
Roby Gayle, Coldwell Banker Seal
Royal Brush Mfg. Co.
Salis International Inc.
Woody's Tacos

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